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Our purpose is to simplify the lives of those who depend on us to produce and deliver their labels and ribbons.

In addition to providing best-in-class labels and ribbons, our advantage lies in building and managing the ecosystem (infrastructure, management and service) that supports their successful deployment.



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We have implemented communication features in our daily functions that give our sales and CSR leads the tools they need to deliver you the following:

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Over 2,500 companies across North America rely on us for a diverse range of high-quality, cost-efficient products and solu-tions for industries including:




Household Products

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We’ve added remarkable quality, greater efficiency, and faster turnaround for long and short run labels with our flexographic press and the introduction of our Mark Andy Digital One press.

High quality label printing with near limitless design possibilities including glossy and foil finishes, textured prints and embossing effects.


Lower Cost

Plateless printing and a more streamlined production process offers significant cost savings.

Faster Delivery

On-demand samples and straight to press printing means your lables get to you faster.


Digital printing reduces ink waste and cleaning process which is better for the environment.

Our Specializations ProScan Media Products specializes in manufacturing Dymo or Zebra Label Rolls for all makes of Dymo or Zebra Printers.

We make a wide selection of Dymo or Zebra labels for your business needs:

Dymo or Zebra Shipping Labels, Dymo or Zebra Return Shipping Labels, Dymo or Zebra Address Labels, Dymo or Zebra Large Shipping Labels, Dymo or Zebra Jewellery & Price Tag Labels, Dymo or Zebra Multipurpose Labels, Dymo or Zebra Media Labels, Dymo or Zebra Veterinary Labels, Dymo or Zebra Paper Rolls. All of our Dymo or Zebra Label Rolls are Compatible with all Dymo, Zebra, CoStar and Seiko label printers.


1 7/16" X 3 1/2"

Core Diameter : 1″ Core Labels Per Roll: 260

2 1/8" X 4"

Core Diameter: 1″ Core Labels Per Roll: 220

1 1/8" X 3 1/2"

Core Diameter: 1″ Core Labels Per Roll: 350

1" X 2 1/8"

Core Diameter: 1″ Core Labels Per Roll: 500

3/8" X 3/4"

Core Diameter: 1″ Core Labels Per Roll: 1500

ProScanMedia Products specializes in manufacturing Grocery Scale Label Rolls.

We use only premium quality material and print Grocery Scale Label Rolls to exact registration, our high performance Scale Label Roll products are precisely machine matched for trouble free operation.

Material Available

Adhesive Available


ProScan Media Products is dedicated to producing the finest quality Laser & Ink-jet Labels. With hundreds of sizes, shapes and substrates, expect the fastest turnaround.

You will be sure to find the largest selection of stock & material of Laser Label Sheets for your printing need – we guarantee the top superior quality, competitive manufacturer pricing and fast turnaround.



Matte, Semi-gloss, Gloss, Blockout, Removable, Fluorescent, All Temp, Hotmelt, Tinting, Poly Gloss Clear, Poly Frosted Clear, Poly Matte, Latex


Permanent, Removable, Freezer Grade, Super-permanent

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